Wednesday, April 21, 2010

trip 1

OK this is such a slow process to get to know this program, and to think of all the computer programs that I do use!!!! Ben and I are back after a two week trip/over 2 thousand miles and 5 states... which does not include Colorado.

Now to add pictures to this blog, and if this does not work then I will think of something else that can be used by all my friends at Fidelity (who can't get into Facebook that has all my pictures posted.)

So bare with me my friends while I learn this new program.

Lots of Loves!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Setting up a travel page.

Two hundred pictures later and almost two thousand miles under the wheels, we will be headed back home in the RV. Visiting with my daughter's family is so relaxing and exciting at the same time. The country sounds and smells are just what we needed.

We are eating outdoors at almost every meal.... Playing hard and working hard. Chrissie was about to show me how to load down pictures and music, but life's little demands follow you where ever you go.

Retirement is great, always busy, always on the move.
one more day here with my granddaughter and her parents ... then back home we go.

I was wanting to post my pictures... but every time I find free-time... there is an interruption.
Don't give up on me... I want to get this done like...ASAP.