Monday, May 24, 2010

We overnighted on the island of Maui. We met up with 2 South American Men that speak zero english. Ben has been adoupted as their personal travel guide. Poor guys thought that they had to pay extra for their food.... All of us rented a car and explored the island. Theres so much to see. we explored the vocanos, the beaches, the stores,waterfalls and fish exhibits.

I did do some shopping... always for friends and family. Now we are packing up a box to send some stuff home... and I am not done yet. HAHAHA

Friday, May 21, 2010

hawaian day 3

we just got back from the
sunshine is great... water is wet...sand is warm... our feet hurt from all the walking. we are so busy. went to pearl harbor today.

Love swimming in the ocean... make new friends everywhere. Retired people are so friendly. we have a very busy adjenda... our musles in our legs are starting to hurt due to the extra waling and swimming we are doing.

tomorrow i get to do some shopping...YEA!!!

We also have a brand new best friend named eric... hes 5 years old and thinks Ben is his new best friend. An only child that cant get enough attention... and very well mannered... guess we are going to play grandparents here on the island whenever Eric is around.


Monday, May 17, 2010


That should be a song. Tuesday we will take off into the western sky and hopefully stay up there until 7 hours later when we land on the big island.

We are staying at the famous WAIKIKI beach. We land about 3 O'clock, plenty of time to get the luggage... catch a shuttle... check-in the hotel.... slip on a bathing suite (may-be), some sandles and hit the beach.... WHY.... Well Why did the bear go over the mountain? Can't wait to feel the sand on the bottoms of these city feet.

We are taking a lap-top .... just hope I can squeeze in some blog time. I also hope to experience adding photos to it.

If you can read this... drop me a note and let me know... as far as I can tell... I'm writing into space.