Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Inter Faith Quilters of Longmont Colorado

I am a new member of the Interfaith Quilters of Longmont, a not-for- profit organization that meets most Mondays for quilting and fellowship.  It is here that I have found a group of quilters that sew for charities. they share their art and skills (and warm hearts) to fellow quilters and the community.  I am so glad I found these Ladies just a short distance from my home town in Dacono Colorado. They give me companionship, encouragement, and most of all friendship.  www.interfaithquilters.com

Here are the two quilts that I have made for the interfaith quilter's charity.  I was thrilled by the warm response that my quilts received from all the ladies.  I was very humbled indeed.

Used scrips to make up this quilt.  I call this "The Secret Language of Woman"

 I call this simple quilt "Karma in Motion"

Graduation Quilt finished

Months of work, thousands of stiches, Hours of sleepless nights are over. The graduation quilt is finished.  Everything about this quilt is all about my oldest Grand-daughter Katie. 

What a joy to see her face when she discovered that Grandma had made her a quilt.