Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Inter Faith Quilters of Longmont Colorado

I am a new member of the Interfaith Quilters of Longmont, a not-for- profit organization that meets most Mondays for quilting and fellowship.  It is here that I have found a group of quilters that sew for charities. they share their art and skills (and warm hearts) to fellow quilters and the community.  I am so glad I found these Ladies just a short distance from my home town in Dacono Colorado. They give me companionship, encouragement, and most of all friendship.  www.interfaithquilters.com

Here are the two quilts that I have made for the interfaith quilter's charity.  I was thrilled by the warm response that my quilts received from all the ladies.  I was very humbled indeed.

Used scrips to make up this quilt.  I call this "The Secret Language of Woman"

 I call this simple quilt "Karma in Motion"

Graduation Quilt finished

Months of work, thousands of stiches, Hours of sleepless nights are over. The graduation quilt is finished.  Everything about this quilt is all about my oldest Grand-daughter Katie. 

What a joy to see her face when she discovered that Grandma had made her a quilt.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Great Second Hand Finds

What a week for second hand finds.  First off, there was a donation of Free embroidery threads at the Senior center area.  I couldn't believe my luck, a lot of the threads were rayon and some linen!  Now I will be able to start working on my stump work with the fairy prints.... I know ... almost all of you ladies have done that.... so I guess you know how thrilled I am to get started.

Then on Saturday I went to Longmont to a quilt show where I was just thrilled to find a group of (50-60) quilters meet each Monday to quilt for charity.  This group is open to people of all skill levels to join them in making quilts.  Wow, I am excited to find these ladies, my only companion 24/7 is my dear husband.... and I could sure use a social break to meet other woman in the community that have the same interests as my own.... let alone learning new quilting skills.  May-be there will be some CQ ladies.

I must admit that the quilt I had my eye on was snatched up as soon as I blinked my eyes.... That's OK, it found a good home.  I did pick up some gallon sized plastic baggies filled with quilt scraps, squares and fat quarters.  I ended up with a garbage bag size of beautiful material to add to my stash.  My quilting friends already know about my new found goodies and they will be planning some stitching time at my house soon.

I had no Idea that this show would have such treasures to share.  I'm use to going to the huge Shows at the Denver Mart where there are hundreds of exhibitors and displays.   I really like the small show so much better.... the Quilting ladies were out going and friendly.

After the Quilt show, I decided to take a chance and go to a jewelry show at the Denver Mart.  I wanted to pick up some charms for my CQ.  I was able to get some pewter charms... you pick out your charms, they get weighted and you pay per gram!  That was a new experience for me.  I did find some lovely spider webs, roses, and lock and keys.  I love lock and keys, I think it go's back to when I was 14 and I gave my first boyfriend a key.... to my heart.  (I still have that silver heart) LOL.

Last but not least here are some photos of my Sewing studio.  It's really the basement, but I don't like the sound of "Woman's Cave".  I like my embroidery machines.  My husband insisted on the 6 needle. So  I have 2 sergers, a quilter, another Babylock embroidery machine and a felter.  I keep my fabric stash in a walk-in closet, and I store my extra stuff in drawers and boxes all over the place.  I try to keep my beloved hubby out of my sewing studio because he keeps insisting that I reorganize. That's why my threads are organized on the wall by number and not color... Thanks Honey!!!   Now I don't go out to the garage to organize his tools! 

Got to go,  I have lots to do downstairs.  I hope you enjoyed this posting.  I know that I wake up each day to see what is posted in all of your blogs.... I love seeing them.  Such talented ladies.... wish you all lived close to my house here in Dacono, Colorado.

Grand-Daughter's Graduation Quilt

Hard to believe that my first Grand-daughter will graduate this coming May.  When on our last RV trip to Amish Country, I went on a Barn Quilt tour which happens to include some Fabric shops.  I fell in love with some Studio E fabric that was all about the MUSIC.  My grand-daughter wants to be a Music Major... and her voice was golden when she was even 3 years old. (at least to the family.)

Katie has taken up Acting, Voice, and 3 musical instruments. (Drums, Sax, and strings) She writes her own music.... A cheerful girl, but why not.... If your hearing music all day long.   ANYWAY, When in Wisconsin I fell in love with the Music designs and knew that I would be making something special out of them.  I came home with a special panel and 3 yards of related music material from the Harmony Rose collection.   Later on the Studio E website, I found a free pattern for this collection of fabric.  Needless to say... I needed more material, but no one in the Denver area carried the material I needed.... Taking samples of the collection to my local fabric store... I was able to buy some coordinating material to get this quilt started. 

Katie's Graduation Quilt

Part of me wants to add some QC hand stitches, and the other part of me wants to stitch in the ditch and do some feathers.  My quilt sits in the studio all pined up.... waiting for me to become inspired... What to DO?  It has to be ready by May....  I also have enough material for a pillow.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Neil Diamond's I am, I said

This is my first crazy quilt that I have ever made. Recently Neil Diamond's tribute at the Kennedy Center caught my attention. "I am ... I said" bore a hole in my soul. As If it were the first time that I've ever truly listened to the words of the song. My AH-HA moment was that the quilt was about the song and the song was about the quilt. A lover of Frogs... and always feeling like the LONER.... I worked with a fever to bring this quilt alive. Thank you Neil Diamond for providing the words to my feelings.

The embroidery butterflies have Bullion bodies. the frog beads also have Bullion feet. The Bees on the quilt almost remind me of the flight of the bumblebees. I believe they are humming to the music of the frogs. (above)
I wanted to show that the Dragon Fly were in motion,
so I added the curly motion stitches to show the flight of the dragons as they crossed the quilt.

It took a couple of hours to hand sew the seed beads to the background material.

Stump worked grass hopper.
This was worked out on Puff Foam and the extra wings were embroidered out on Organza material.
The golden button is a frogs head and these unique heads graced the laced seam line.
The Button box came out of hiding ... what better way to display them.

What fun it is to go to the party when the music is LIVE.

I'm sure that the Frog couples are having a swinging time dancing to the live music of the Night.
What with Buzz of the bees, the dragon fly's humming, the grass hoppers and crickets chipping. Everyone wants to play with the band and sing along with the music.
There seems to be a party going all around you. . . . Surrounding you on all sides.

The quilt has over 50 frogs  and another dozen or so of insects  and flowers that grace the top of the quilt. I think everyone is celabrating the Frog becoming a king. 
 That's a good name for the quilt don't you think? 
The King's Party!

This is the chair that did not hear. When you say "I am" and it comes from the heart. Wouldn't it be nice for someone to hear.
The chair was embroidered on puffy foam. The flowers and leaves are stump worked on my Baby Lock Sewing machine....
I love my Baby Lock. I added Buttons and Hand Embellishments on the seams .
A some-what view of the whole quilt.  the borders were stenciled with oil sticks.  The woodsy look brings the whole quilt together. Hey! When you can't find the right fabric.... design it yourself!

I love the frog that dreamed of being a king.
 Here he sits alone as the party of life moves all around him. He's at the top but all he can hear is the sound of being alone.

Here is the music.... notice the key. 
The key unlocks something... But what?

Notice the Red Heart.... There's the lock.... Ahh... Music is the key that unlocks the heart!!
Enjoy the collector's button... the Hand embrodery... and other emblishments.

 This wall quilt will hang on the studio wall while I play Neil Diamond music....
The Kings Party serves a dural purpose.  It displays my ever growing brooch collection of frogs and insects... much better to be displayed instead of sitting in a box or drawer.

Label for the quilt.  If I ever gave up this quilt... it would be to Mr. Diamond himself...
 and he would have to come to the house himself to claim it.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hot Springs swimming

Here we wrap up our visit with Christine, Brett, and granddaughter in Deweyville Ut. At the Hot springs swimming area, I had an encounter with a little 3 to 4 year old in the pool. The little guy had walked out pass his neck.... and was in DEEP water... really!!!

Little hands were grabbing me from behind and almost pulled me down into the water (backwards), when I turned around.... a little head was bobbing up and down in the water... gulping for air.... It took a split second to grab the little child up out of the water, and he clung to me with all his might... he started crying, he said he was scared. There was no adults or other children watching this little guy in the pool.

Long story short.... Where were the parents? The little boy said that his mom was going down the slide. I let the boy go when we reached the safety of solid ground. Thank you God for letting me be his angel at that moment he needed strong arms to lift him to safety.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Antz for travel

Here we are again... we have traveled over 1400 miles in 3 days and hit 6 national parks. My husband dreams of traveling... While I on the other hand like it.... if it doesn't interfere with my sewing and crafts. All my friends seem to envy my early retirement and carefree lifestyle. We have traveled 4 states... counting Colorado.

Riley our dog is Bored...but enduring. We both smile when Ben plans his traveling plans... we are willing to be his constant traveling companions... no matter what it takes. However being full timers was not what we signed up for. So he won't hear it from our lips ... we know that staying home day after day would drive all of us to the funny farm... A good wife never complains out loud.... right!
PS... I hate hotels!!! Give me an RV anytime! By the way, when you go RV, your bags travel for FREE!!!