Monday, July 19, 2010


We will be home for the rest of the summer. After that only the fates will know which way we will travel. Ben's Son, Carl in PR is in a coma and has been for over a week. Our travel and activities depend on his condition and Ben's medical condition and procedures that are coming up in Aug.

I will attempt to install pictures. The last trip we went on included the states of Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah. Jobeth was right.... Montana has the Blue Sky... and open spaces... And you don't really know what " Can't see the forest thu the Trees" until you go to these states.

I feel that I am writing into the never-never zone of space. I don't hear from anyone much.... except Anna, Jobeth, and Cathy. (THANK-YOU) Guess I brought that on myself when I had to quit my job to go traveling with Ben when he retired. Now it's 24-7 with Ben ( which I still love) except that I still like associating with other people too.

I got to thinking that if anything ever happen to my husband... I would have to go back to work, volunteer, or something... just to get that human contact into my life. You know.... I must be feeling the sorrow of Carl being sick... his little boy isn't even 2 yet and loosing this step-son would be such a loss.