Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Inter Faith Quilters of Longmont Colorado

I am a new member of the Interfaith Quilters of Longmont, a not-for- profit organization that meets most Mondays for quilting and fellowship.  It is here that I have found a group of quilters that sew for charities. they share their art and skills (and warm hearts) to fellow quilters and the community.  I am so glad I found these Ladies just a short distance from my home town in Dacono Colorado. They give me companionship, encouragement, and most of all friendship.  www.interfaithquilters.com

Here are the two quilts that I have made for the interfaith quilter's charity.  I was thrilled by the warm response that my quilts received from all the ladies.  I was very humbled indeed.

Used scrips to make up this quilt.  I call this "The Secret Language of Woman"

 I call this simple quilt "Karma in Motion"

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