Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Antz for travel

Here we are again... we have traveled over 1400 miles in 3 days and hit 6 national parks. My husband dreams of traveling... While I on the other hand like it.... if it doesn't interfere with my sewing and crafts. All my friends seem to envy my early retirement and carefree lifestyle. We have traveled 4 states... counting Colorado.

Riley our dog is Bored...but enduring. We both smile when Ben plans his traveling plans... we are willing to be his constant traveling companions... no matter what it takes. However being full timers was not what we signed up for. So he won't hear it from our lips ... we know that staying home day after day would drive all of us to the funny farm... A good wife never complains out loud.... right!
PS... I hate hotels!!! Give me an RV anytime! By the way, when you go RV, your bags travel for FREE!!!

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  1. Hi Jackie, Thanks for stopping by my blog and following :)
    It must have been great travelling around in a RV. We have them down here but not as big as yours,in the USA, as we are only a small country..lol. I envy you your outin and aboutin in a big way.
    Phillipa in NZ