Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hot Springs swimming

Here we wrap up our visit with Christine, Brett, and granddaughter in Deweyville Ut. At the Hot springs swimming area, I had an encounter with a little 3 to 4 year old in the pool. The little guy had walked out pass his neck.... and was in DEEP water... really!!!

Little hands were grabbing me from behind and almost pulled me down into the water (backwards), when I turned around.... a little head was bobbing up and down in the water... gulping for air.... It took a split second to grab the little child up out of the water, and he clung to me with all his might... he started crying, he said he was scared. There was no adults or other children watching this little guy in the pool.

Long story short.... Where were the parents? The little boy said that his mom was going down the slide. I let the boy go when we reached the safety of solid ground. Thank you God for letting me be his angel at that moment he needed strong arms to lift him to safety.

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