Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grand-Daughter's Graduation Quilt

Hard to believe that my first Grand-daughter will graduate this coming May.  When on our last RV trip to Amish Country, I went on a Barn Quilt tour which happens to include some Fabric shops.  I fell in love with some Studio E fabric that was all about the MUSIC.  My grand-daughter wants to be a Music Major... and her voice was golden when she was even 3 years old. (at least to the family.)

Katie has taken up Acting, Voice, and 3 musical instruments. (Drums, Sax, and strings) She writes her own music.... A cheerful girl, but why not.... If your hearing music all day long.   ANYWAY, When in Wisconsin I fell in love with the Music designs and knew that I would be making something special out of them.  I came home with a special panel and 3 yards of related music material from the Harmony Rose collection.   Later on the Studio E website, I found a free pattern for this collection of fabric.  Needless to say... I needed more material, but no one in the Denver area carried the material I needed.... Taking samples of the collection to my local fabric store... I was able to buy some coordinating material to get this quilt started. 

Katie's Graduation Quilt

Part of me wants to add some QC hand stitches, and the other part of me wants to stitch in the ditch and do some feathers.  My quilt sits in the studio all pined up.... waiting for me to become inspired... What to DO?  It has to be ready by May....  I also have enough material for a pillow.

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