Sunday, March 4, 2012

Great Second Hand Finds

What a week for second hand finds.  First off, there was a donation of Free embroidery threads at the Senior center area.  I couldn't believe my luck, a lot of the threads were rayon and some linen!  Now I will be able to start working on my stump work with the fairy prints.... I know ... almost all of you ladies have done that.... so I guess you know how thrilled I am to get started.

Then on Saturday I went to Longmont to a quilt show where I was just thrilled to find a group of (50-60) quilters meet each Monday to quilt for charity.  This group is open to people of all skill levels to join them in making quilts.  Wow, I am excited to find these ladies, my only companion 24/7 is my dear husband.... and I could sure use a social break to meet other woman in the community that have the same interests as my own.... let alone learning new quilting skills.  May-be there will be some CQ ladies.

I must admit that the quilt I had my eye on was snatched up as soon as I blinked my eyes.... That's OK, it found a good home.  I did pick up some gallon sized plastic baggies filled with quilt scraps, squares and fat quarters.  I ended up with a garbage bag size of beautiful material to add to my stash.  My quilting friends already know about my new found goodies and they will be planning some stitching time at my house soon.

I had no Idea that this show would have such treasures to share.  I'm use to going to the huge Shows at the Denver Mart where there are hundreds of exhibitors and displays.   I really like the small show so much better.... the Quilting ladies were out going and friendly.

After the Quilt show, I decided to take a chance and go to a jewelry show at the Denver Mart.  I wanted to pick up some charms for my CQ.  I was able to get some pewter charms... you pick out your charms, they get weighted and you pay per gram!  That was a new experience for me.  I did find some lovely spider webs, roses, and lock and keys.  I love lock and keys, I think it go's back to when I was 14 and I gave my first boyfriend a key.... to my heart.  (I still have that silver heart) LOL.

Last but not least here are some photos of my Sewing studio.  It's really the basement, but I don't like the sound of "Woman's Cave".  I like my embroidery machines.  My husband insisted on the 6 needle. So  I have 2 sergers, a quilter, another Babylock embroidery machine and a felter.  I keep my fabric stash in a walk-in closet, and I store my extra stuff in drawers and boxes all over the place.  I try to keep my beloved hubby out of my sewing studio because he keeps insisting that I reorganize. That's why my threads are organized on the wall by number and not color... Thanks Honey!!!   Now I don't go out to the garage to organize his tools! 

Got to go,  I have lots to do downstairs.  I hope you enjoyed this posting.  I know that I wake up each day to see what is posted in all of your blogs.... I love seeing them.  Such talented ladies.... wish you all lived close to my house here in Dacono, Colorado.

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