Friday, June 4, 2010

First week home from Hawaii

I am so tired this first week. But I have to get ready to go again, may-be I should have married a man 20 years older than me? I'm just getting use to the time change and getting my energy back, as Ben is planning the next adventure. He hasn't even stopped for a breath... as if he did... time might stand still.

As for our adventure in Hawaii... everyone should try it once. We saw so much... yet there was much more that we didn't have time for. It rained almost everyday when we were on the ship... But fear not, I did get 4 days of beach time. The water was so blue. I thought I would have seen more of the island's beaches.... but that simply didn't happen.

We did see Pearl Harbor twice. That meant so much to Ben. It was an emotional journey for him to view the harbor and take a tour down history's past. So many young lives.... such a tragic time... reminds me of our 9-11. Suddenly and tragic for the world to bear.

we have to get some hookups to another computer for down-loading pictures.


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