Monday, June 7, 2010

Nebraska Tornados

Tornado Alley! Hiding in basements, in state park restroom facilities, watching gigantic cloud systems hover over your head. Golf size hail, wind so strong it takes your breath away... that's our first day here in Nebraska.

We came here so I could get my kid fix with my four grandchildren. They all like the little gifts from Hawaii. Everyone came out to the lake for a picknick... which was interupted by tornado warnings and hail. This morning we see that the forecast is more of the same for the rest of the week. Did we bring this weather with us from Hawaii?? What gives? You know it's got to get better, question is when.

Bottom line is the freedom to travel. I am worried about Ben, it's 9 am and he went back to bed for a nap? He's cold and looks pale. Too much travel?

By the way, I posted over 50 pictures in my facebook page.... I just had bad luck posting them here. GOGRANNYGO on facebook. Check it out if you can.

Love everyone.

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