Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time Is Not Sitting Still

For the second time, Ben's Doctor has delayed/ canceled the surgery. This time we were given a 3 week delay. Under stress and in pain, Ben fired his doctor and is going to go to a new one. Now if we were to call the hospital and Doctors and give them delays or cancel (the day before surgery) you know that we would be charged for it!!!!

We worked around the house so hard to winterize and secure it. After his knee replacements, who would do the mowing, blow out the water sprinklers, winterize the RV and Central Air conditioner? He paid bills weeks before they were due... so that we wouldn't have to worry about it later. Flustering!

I won't be doing any craft shows this fall and winter. I can hardly plan anything... because of the uncertainty of when he will get his knees replaced, or what his recoup time will be. I can't book a show and expect him to help me when he can hardly walk. Let alone sit with me at the show, help set it up, move boxes to and from the show. There is always next year. I have only one husband.

I have a lot of finished picture mats finished. Beautiful. working on so much, yet the stress has taken away the Joy of making all of it. I just want our lives to get moving. I feel like I am sitting in a time warp. ANY ONE OUT THERE?

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